converts knowledge
into sales.

IMPLIZIT increases the purchase probability at the POS.

As a shopper marketing agency IMPLIZIT develops strategies and communication to boost sales at the point of sale. IMPLIZIT is one of the first retail agencies in the field of Neuromarketing. Successfully implementing the latest findings in neurosciences and perception psychology for leading FMCG brands. For POS communication that sells better.











Call shoppers into action before they start thinking.

Frank Rönspiess

Managing Director


Because the mind doesn’t take the decision.

Why we buy what we buy.

The way into the mind and therefore into the decision making process of the shoppers will involve important emotional messages. They might impact the subconscious stronger than you think. Did you know that the actual conscious will often only be activated only to justify unconscious actions?

This means that the unconscious purchasing motives are the true driving forces controlling behavior at the POS. Knowing these unconscious forces and how to translate them into impactful, relevant, and multi-sensory messages is the way to win the purchase argument.

IMPLIZIT brings these subconscious motifs to light with their own research tools. Allowing us to create the right POS communication that will increase sales noticeably.


work with

increase their


new insights.


launch new
products more


launch new products
more successfully.

considering shopper types and channels.

execution of the emotionally most impactful messages - brain-friendly.

international network to translate codes to ensure the impact on an international level.

win new
target groups.


efficiently reach
more and
new shoppers.




boost sales.

development of creative, target group-
relevant sales promotions.

execution, booking, and production of all necessary media.

constant revision of the neuronic brandfit
to achieve objectives.

The best thing
I did for my
team was to recommend IMPLIZIT.

Andreas Billker

Senior Commercial Strategy Manager
Kellogg Northern Europe GmbH


Clients that trust us.

We are proud to say that globally renowned brands rely on our knowledge everyday. We are especially happy that we have been successfully working with many of our clients for several years now. Establishing longterm partnerships.

Shoppers don’t know what shoppers don’t know.

Björn Lockstein

Managing Director


Asking the right questions the right way.

Everyday we need to find answers to questions like: Which message promises the most sales? Which channel is the right one? Which promotion will be the most successful? Which USP will hit the mark? The answers can only be found within the shopper, even though he himself doesn’t know them. To research insights and review the impact of activations and communication, we rely on different methods that will bypass the conscious of our test persons.

Perfect to obtain purchase decision motives and to review communication, no matter above or below the line. Just tell us what your questions are and we will develop an individual test design that will deliver true answers; straight out of the shoppers subconscious with the objective to increase purchase probabilities.

Do you have a specific question regarding our testing?
Get in touch with Björn Lockstein for more information.



We’ll see you at the point of sale.

We have great people in our team that will work tirelessly and with great enthusiasm on each and every project. They will deliver effective individual solutions to your needs. That is why you will see us more often than not right where the impact of our work is: the POS. Extensive store checks are part of our daily routine just as much as finding the right way to make purchase decisions as easy as breathing. You will experience a great variation of tasks, fascinating brands and exciting projects when working with us. No matter if you are an intrigued client or a prospective colleague - we will welcome you with our biggest smile.

Björn Lockstein

Frank Rönspiess

Carl Pfefferkorn

Allessandra Götz

Denise Ziegert

Dr. Gesa Wemken

Julia Jebarra

Stefanie Weber

Jan-Martin Niedermeier

Valeria Rudus

Vlada Mokhovataya


Call to Action.

You would like to sell more? Give us a call and we will discuss everything in detail, how we can strengthen your brand or product at the POS. If you like you can also reach us through the below contact form. We’ll get back to you right away.

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